Morris' Mopars, LLC

My name is Chris Morris, and I am the founder of Morris' Mopars, LLC. Morris' Mopars LLC is a family business that is passionate about Mopars. I started this business with the idea of preserving and restoring some of America's greatest cars of all time.


I have been around Mopars my entire life. What started as a boy day dreaming about driving these cars, soon turned into a guy who has owned well over 100 in his life. I decided to further my education and knowledge of engines at Lincoln Technical Institute in Indianapolis. I graduated with my Associate Degree in Applied Science in 2001. Since graduation, I have worked the 9-5's and continued my "hobby" in the off hours, but I have always wanted to turn my passion into something bigger.

In 2016, I starting planning my own adventure focusing on keeping the Mopar hobby alive and AFFORDABLE for future generations. That is where Morris' Mopars, LLC was born. I specialize in 8 3/4 rebuilds and custom engine builds. I also do custom and OEM wiring. I enjoy the thrill of locating those rare and dream cars and parts for those in need. Small fabrication and custom suspension is also in my wheelhouse.

Now, my son and I are working to keep the classic Mopars alive and enjoy seeing them driving down the road. I would love to be apart of your project. Call me to help get yours driving today!!